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This project arose from the need to provide a data set for the Burrington Combe area caves for the study of their geomorphology and hydrology and led to the publication of:

Speleogenesis and landscape development in the Burrington area, Somerset. by A.R. Farrant, A.A.D. Moody and G.J. Mullan Published in UBSS Proceedings 24.3 pp207-252 and available as a pdf download.

The dataset continues to be added to and improved. Most data in this repository is published under a Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons License

however please check individual files and folders for further information.

The data can be downloaded anonymously, to contribute data please contact Andrew Atkinson

Thanks to everyone that has allowed the use of the data to make this project possible.


Published Surveys and Models

The Burrington Area Survey "Survex" 3D file compiled by University of Bristol Spelaeological Society

The Burrington Area Survey "Therion" 3D file by University of Bristol Spelaeological Society
Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2010

The 1997 survey of Bos Swallet in pdf format.

The 2008 survey of Drunkard's Hole in pdf format.

The 2013 survey of Pierre's Pot in pdf format.

The 2015 survey of Read's Cavern in pdf format.

The 2016 survey of Tween Twins Hole in pdf format.



The original data comes from the sources listed below. Plans based on this data have been published in some cases and the references are given also. This is not a comprehensive list of previous published surveys , but only those based on parts of this dataset.

  • Aveline's Hole: Data from Dr Roger Stenner, original publication by BEC (Howell, C., Irwin, D.J. and Stuckey, D. A Burrington Cave Atlas BEC Caving Report 17.)
  • Bos Swallet: Data from UBSS
  • Drunkard's Hole: Data from Carmen Smith
  • East Twin Swallet, Spar Pot, Lionel's Hole: Data from David Cundy
  • Goatchurch Cavern: Data from Chris Binding/UBSS
  • Pierre's Pot: Data from P. & A. Moody, Steve Cottle, J. Cordingley & Kev Hilton & Clare Cohen. Earliest publication by UBSS (Mullan,G.J., 1999. Mendip Cave Notes. UBSS Proceedings, 21. (2) pp 189-191)
  • Read's Cavern: This dataset from Andrew Atkinson and collaborators, 2013-15.
  • Sidcot Swallet: Data from Carmen Smith & Andrew Atkinson
  • Tween Twins: Data from Andrew Atkinson, Jonathan Williams and Tim Clements
  • Rods Pot and Bath Swallet: Data from Andy Sparrow and the Cheddar Caving Club.
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