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Managed by Graham Mullan

This project came about in order to inform interested parties about the caves and karst hydrology of this Derbyshire valley.

The data has been provided by a large number of generous cave surveyors, but particular thanks needs to go to Ron Hammond, the late Mel Milner and Wayne Sheldon

Most data in this repository is published under a Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons License

however please check individual files and folders for further information.

The data can be downloaded anonymously, to contribute data please contact Andrew Atkinson.

Published 3D models

These require

  • Aven (part of Survex) which only reads .3d files but has better tools.
  • Loc (part of Therion) which reads both .3d and .lox files and has better visualisation and more information.

The  River Lathkill Catchment "Survex" 3D file compiled by University of Bristol Spelaeological Society

A more complex and therefore larger file is also available for viewing using only the "Therion" viewer. This model remains very much "work in progress" and will be updated and improved as our dataset is added to and improved. The River Lathkill Catchment "Therion" 3D file compiled by the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society
Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2010

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