Cave Registry Data Archive

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Cave Registry Data Archive
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This site front-end has been disabled for security reasons - it will be back sometime in August. The registry of cave data itself is still operating.

This British Caving Association site is for hosting spelæological survey data in a Version Control System. You are free to check out the data onto your own computer, but you will need a user account to commit changes.

Current administrator: Andrew Atkinson This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The sport of caving has had, from its start, a close relationship with science. As a result, a vast amount of data has been collected. Unfortunately, once the report or survey for which the data was needed has been produced, much of the raw data has been discarded or lost. To most cavers the most obvious loss is of survey data. Most caves in Britain, of any reasonable size, have been surveyed to a reasonable standard. However, when extensions are made, the lack of original data makes it very difficult to amend the survey. Modern 3D tools also require more data than a centre line survey, much of which has been collected but, again, not kept. Scientific data, invaluable for comparison with modern conditions has often suffered the same fate.


  • To hold an archive of spelæological data for the use of the UK caving community.

  • To encourage the open sharing of data, to add value.


Additional Benefits

  • Useful resource for clubs to ease the burden of managing datasets.

  • Central point for data, supporting initiatives like the cave registries.


As you can probably see that Joomla has been installed with the intention of allowing each dataset to have some pages to publish information about the project, surveys and the like.

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Last Updated on Monday, 03 December 2012 12:18