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Sarawak Caves

This project started with the 2003 Mulu Caves Project expedition to Mulu. This was the first time Therion was used on any of the Mulu expeditions. Wookey produced the first Therion maps but, unfortunately most of the other team members failed to commit to Therion despite training by Andrew Atkinson during the 2005 expedition. In 2007 Dave Clucas who had recently started using Therion, took over the reins and, over the next two years included all of Blackrock and Whiterock caves. Most of the data for Gunung Api has since been drawn up as and when the survey data became available.

The Mulu Caves Project currently uses Survex and Freehand to produce the final maps but, in parallel, Therion data is created but not published.

This dataset includes other area in Sarawak. Some of these caves have been surveyed, others are digitised versions of published surveys which have been converted to Therion for archive purposes.

Most data in this repository is published under a Creative Commons license.

The data can be downloaded anonymously, to contribute data please contact Dave Clucas



The original data comes from the sources listed below. Plans based on this data have been published in some cases and the references are given with links where available. This is not a comprehensive list of previous published surveys, but only those based on parts of this dataset.

Middle Baram: Data by kind courtesy of David W Gill.

Mulu: Data by Mulu Caves Project.

Buda: Data by kind courtesy of David W Gill and John Lane.

Caves of Gunung Buda : report of the joint Sarawak Forest Department and USA Caving Expedition to Sarawak, Malaysia 1995

Caves of Gunung Buda, 1997 : Sarawak Forest Department and USA Expedition to Gunung Buda, Sarawak, Malaysia, January 30 to March 7, 1997

Caves of Gunung Buda, 2000 : report of the Gunung Buda Project and the Sarawak Department of Forestry 2000 expedition to Gunung Buda, Sarawak, Malaysia

Dave Clucas

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